We listen to and engage with local and Indigenous communities aiming to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships. These efforts aim to foster relationships long before our projects approach construction and begin operations. Guided by the core values of our business, First Mining is committed to continual and meaningful engagement with those communities, Indigenous groups, associations, individuals and regulators who have an interest in or may be affected by our development projects. Meaningful engagement is based upon the timely provision of relevant information and ongoing dialogue and interaction to ensure that both concerns and opportunities are understood and taken into consideration as the projects are advanced. This enables us to work with local communities and stakeholders to develop initiatives that meet their needs and priorities so they can share in the benefits of our projects. We hold frequent meetings with local community members, suppliers, and government officials.

As an employer, we add value to communities by providing local workers with well-paying jobs to support their families and build prosperous local economies. We seek opportunities to hire and source goods and services locally.

As neighbours, we seek to be a catalyst for economic empowerment for our neighbouring communities by supporting community events, health, infrastructure, education and culture initiatives. These efforts aim to generate tangible benefits and sustainable prosperity that brings forth long-term social and economic benefits for neighbouring communities. First Mining plans to sponsor a wide range of activities, including recreational and cultural events, and has contributed to the support of organizations.

Consistent with its Indigenous Peoples Policy, First Mining aims to establish positive and constructive relationships with local Indigenous group throughout the environmental assessment and permitting processes and over the life of our projects.

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