First Mining firmly believes that our business can make a lasting and positive impact to the communities we operate near as well as our shareholders and employees. Our sustainability approach starts with efforts to build and maintain respectful relationships with the communities and governments that host our development projects as well as recognizing the importance of environmental protection. Understanding the vision and goals of local communities in order to create beneficial opportunities is an integral element of all our future developments. We are committed to responsible environmental management of resources as well as putting the health and safety of our people first. First Mining’s policies and standards support these efforts and guide our performance.

Our Core Values

Our core values are at the centre of all that we do and define the way we do business.

  • We are driven by integrity, transparency and respect
  • We continue to build relationships and partnerships for future success
  • We work responsibly to achieve safe and sustainable operations at our Projects
  • We embrace challenges and continuously strive for optimal solutions
  • We value the strength of our talented and diverse team
  • We respect our shareholders’ investment –in our projects, in our people and in our communities

Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) are the three principal factors through which the impacts (both positive and adverse) and performance of our business activities are measured. First Mining is committed to being transparent by disclosing and continuously improve our ESG performance in a consistent manner across our business and with all of our local communities in mind.  First Mining’s inaugural ESG report was published in June 2022. 


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